About us


Finstansteknik was founded in 1979 and has since its inception aimed to always surprise customers by delivering above expectations. Today, more than 40 years later, that vision has made us Sweden's most complete partner for the modern manufacturing industry. We design and manufacture machine tools for sheet metal forming as well as automated production lines and complete system solutions. Finstansteknik operates in all industries and should be the obvious choice for those who want to facilitate and streamline their operations. Our knowledge and experience mean that we can offer our services along the entire production chain - from idea and design to manufacturing and maintenance.

Finstansteknik is at the forefront of the industry, which entails important responsibility for both the environment, our employees and our customers. We use minimal chemicals in our productions and train our partners about the benefits of working more environmentally friendly. Our primary focus is to streamline production while reducing the consumption of energy, water, waste and chemicals. We train our customers and always recommend them to choose environmentally friendly alternatives in their production. Our responsibility lies in contributing to a better and more sustainable environment - both for us and for future generations.

We believe in equality and that everyone should be treated with the same dignity and respect. Our employees are the heart of our business and we place great emphasis on staff development both in and outside the workplace. We must always help people move forward and be an attractive workplace that provides energy and not the other way around. We are a team full of expertise with great passion for our profession, which is a prerequisite for keeping what we promise - to always surprise the customer and deliver above expectations!


We supply knowledge & equipment to the modern manufacturing industry

About us


+ Sweden’s most complete partner for modern manufacturing industry.
We provide the manufacturing industry with Dies and machine tools for sheet metal forming and automated production line and complete systems. We offer services along the entire production chain from idea and design to finished product, installation, training, CE marking and maintenance.

We guide you through complex projects with the best system solutions in automation and service.

+ Strategically selected supplier collaborations.
We choose our suppliers carefully and place high demands on quality, reliability and service. Our partners are all companies that take responsibility and a holistic approach to the aftermarket.

+ Sustainability in focus

We primarily use environmentally friendly chemicals in our own machine production and always strive to hire dealers who work for sustainability.
We only buy products that are environmentally friendly and educate our customers about the benefits of sustainable alternatives.

+ Always delivers above expectations

Regardless of the assignment, we always make sure to exceed the customer’s expectations. We always deliver a level higher than what the customer orders because we love to find solutions that surprise them positively. Our products must always be the most effective on the market.